Session 2 Workshops

Session 2 Workshops

TBA March 30, 2021 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Revisiting “RISK” - Best practice sharing for engaging young people in the prevention dialogue

Engaging Black Women during an emergency department visit to debunk myths on HIV and STI risks

Taking It To The Screen: Creating A Virtual Community

Remote Patient Navigation and Advocacy During COVID-19: Successes and Challenges

PrEP Access and Future Horizons: Drug Market and Coverage Changes

Mentoring Researchers and Care Providers to Address Disparities

Expanding Pharmacists' Role for Providing PrEP/PEP

Texting lost-to-follow-up PrEP patients from a San Francisco STD clinic

Expanding Our Legacy: Engaging Black HIV Advocates in Clinical Research

NIH Center Ending the HIV Epidemic Projects: Community Partnerships in the South to Address Needs and Advance Implementation Science