Welcome to the Summit

Official Program Book 2017 - Cover

Welcome to the 2017 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit.  Ending AIDS has to be more than a slogan, it takes planning, collaboration and funding to make it real.  This year attendees will learn how to put together comprehensive biomedical HIV plans to end AIDS.

Our movement’s work is shifting from condoms to HIV Care = HIV Prevention.  U=U transformed the discussion from PLWH as vectors for spreading the virus to PLWH as leaders ending the epidemic.  U=U puts the emphasis back on PLWH and has the potential to end the isolation and depression impacting so many people over 50 living with HIV.

PrEP is about protecting people who are HIV negative.  It gives sexually active adults options beyond condoms.  The HIV community needs to own the challenge that PrEP may decrease condom usage and potentially increase STDs.  However, that should not stop the push for PrEP for all communities highly impacted by HIV.

Focusing on U=U and PrEP empowers HIV positive and HIV negative people. While the science works on a cellular level, we still need implementation science to better understand how to bring the promise of ending the epidemic to those communities hardest hit by HIV. Over 75% of the people on PrEP are white. This racial divide is unacceptable and must be addressed. Our job is to fight for those communities that have less access to healthcare and medications.  To ensure access for all the communities hardest hit by HIV.

NMAC wants to thank our presenting sponsor, Gilead; our champion sponsor, ViiV Healthcare, as well as our benefactors Janssen and the Houston Health Department; our supporters the Texas Action Group Kind Clinic, Walgreens, and the Washington State Health Department; and our allies Avita Pharmacy and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end!

Yours in the struggle,

Paul Kawata