PrEPpy Awards

PrEPpy Awards

Nominate your favorite PrEP/U=U campaign to be awarded Best PrEP campaign for 2024!

NMAC will host the 3rd Annual PrEPpy awards at the 2024 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit. Has your organization developed a successful campaign to get the message out about PrEP/U=U to priority populations? If your answer is yes, nominate your campaign! Or nominate another one that you love!

We are looking for public-facing campaigns that are:

  • Diverse. Are people of color featured in the campaign or advertisements? Are you highlighting a specific outreach program for women? Tell us about how you are reaching priority populations.
  • Clear. Are the messages in your campaign clear and easily accessible for all people in your community? Are you introducing PrEP/U=U knowledge to the community in the language the community uses? Tell us how you are breaking it down for folks.
  • Visually Appealing. Are your campaigns or advertisements fabulous? Are they visually appealing and fun? This is an award, so we want your fiercest work.
  • Bonus Points: For campaigns that are available in multiple languages, that feature actual community members, that include 50+ folks, and that target youth.
A man in a brightly colored jacket holding up a rainbow flag.

The Nomination Deadline is February 7, 2024