PrEPpy Awards

PrEPpy Awards

The PrEPpy Awards

Congratulations to the Top 3 Finalists of the 2024 PrEPpy Awards!

The Winner of the 2024 PrEPpys will be voted on live at the 2024 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit on April 20th at the morning plenary.  Make sure you are there to vote for your favorite Campaign.  Best of luck to the Finalists.

1st Place

1st Place Winner PrEPpy Awards 2024I AM HIV Possible

By the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI)

BWHI launched I Am HIV Possible (IAHP) in Sep.2023 so that all Black women can see themselves in PrEP campaigns shifting cultural paradigms and increasing PrEP awareness. Messengers and messages are integral components to promoting a behavior to marginalized communities. To that end, IAHP engaged 5 social media influencers, who are Black women on PrEP, to share their lived experiences and connect Black women to the information needed to make informed decisions about using PrEP.

The goals of IAHP are threefold: educate Black women about PrEP; increase awareness that PrEP is for Black women; & empower Black women to consider including PrEP in their sexual health toolbox promoting a healthy, pleasure-filled sexual life.

The campaign generated over 339,000 views on social media and 16,800 engagements at a 4.96% engagement rate in just 4 months. Engagement rate benchmarks for healthcare/wellness content were projected to be 1.93% on Instagram in 2023. IAHP surpassed this metric demonstrating its resonance and relevance.


The vulnerable, yet candid, approach to this campaign assuring Black women that PrEP is safe and maintenance is manageable has curated a digital space for Black women to share experiences of being their own advocates and first learning about PrEP through IAHP.

One follower shared: “Wow! What a different perspective. I only thought PrEP was for gay men or sex workers. I feel like that’s who it’s being advertised for […]. A learning experience”.

People are visiting IAHP webpages to search for PrEP providers after seeing IAHP messaging. To meet Black women where they are, IAHP was promoted at 13 event activities including Kandi Buruss’s Bedroom Kandi event. There is a need for authentic conversations about PrEP as an HIV prevention option for Black women, and IAHP is addressing that need with Black women on PrEP powerfully sharing their real stories.

2nd Place

2nd Place Winner PrEPpy Awards 2024PrEP is for Every Body!

by Impact Marketing + Communications

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute has been a leader in PrEP awareness campaigns and in engaging a diverse group of PrEP users as community ambassadors and influencers. The PrEP Aware Week Campaign leverages health departments, community-based organizations, clinical sites, and a marketing firm (Impact Marketing + Communications) to magnify authentic community and allowing each member to bring their own expertise.

The 2023 theme was “PrEP is for Every Body.” The theme references two social movements: sex positivity acknowledging that all consensual sexual activities are fundamentally healthy; and body positivity, celebrating all bodies.

The campaign features eight ambassadors from across the state who reflect the spectrum of people who can benefit from using PrEP.

PrEP is for Everybody - PrEP Aware Week

The public-facing campaign included:

  • Diverse and inclusive models representing different ethnicities, ages, genders, sexual orientations, body shapes, and sizes
  • Diverse personal stories, journeys, and PrEP usage
  • Clear, plain language messages for organizations to personalize
  • A visually appealing, fresh design
  • A Spanish mono-lingual participant with a corresponding video and messages in Spanish
  • Branded swag
  • Dedicated website with easily downloadable and shareable social media graphics, messages, videos, and toolkits.

The social media toolkit allowed partnering organizations to place ads on TikTok, Gindr, X, Facebook, and Instagram. The campaign T-shirts worn by agency partners generated excitement, awareness at their in-person community outreach events.

The PrEP Aware Week Campaign is one way New York State is able to achieve the highest PrEP coverage in the country.

Campaign Results:

  • More than 4,160 individuals reached at community outreach events
  • More than 1,752 PrEP ambassador video views on the NYS
  • YouTube channel Multiple TikTok posts reaching 10,000+ views and one hitting over 83,000+ views
  • 54,000 impressions on Grindr
  • 150,000+ reach on Facebook with one video watched more than 41,000+ times
  • 4,000+ individuals reached via email
  • 225+ participants on statewide webinar

3rd Place

3rd Place Winner PrEPpy Awards

By the Philadelphia Department of Public Health Division of HIV

The Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health Division of HIV Health launched Philly Keep On Loving’s website to be a centralized location for the citizens of Philadelphia to access condoms, test kits, testing locations, and education. It has transformed into a hub of information and a platform for the Philly Keep on Loving podcast.

The website is engaging, diverse, colorful and easy to navigate. It truly represent the culture in Philadelphia and the mission is clear which is to encourage people to learn and love.

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